Operation Plan & Log 01/20/2019

Morning passes

9:09-9:21 (JST)
We tried to hear CW from all Object A-F, but we heard nothing.
Since there is no reception report after 4:42 (UTC) yesterday, we believe that our satellite has a problem transmitting signals.

10:44-10:53 (JST)
We tracked NEXUS with Object “F” TLE, for verification of our ground station.
We heard CW very clearly. So CW reception system for our ground station is functioning well.

We learned that foreign amateur radio operators received OrigamiSat-1’s CW signals!!! OrigamiSat-1 has an automatic reset function with checking the satellite status once a day. We believe that this is why the satellite has revived.

Evening passes

19:46-19:55 (JST)
We heard OrigamiSat-1’s CW signals very clearly for the first time! We used TLE for “2019-003B”.

1 43933U 19003B 19020.12565993 .00002647 00000-0 12061-3 0 9999
2 43933 97.3039 82.3453 0016684 248.6992 170.1407 15.21403705 317

We heard it so clear that we uplinked a command to require HK data in FM once. It seems that there was a response but we could not receive it. We will try again at 21:18 JST.

21:18-21:30 (JST)

Heard clear CW. We have sent the commands 4 times.
1) To synchronize the satellite clock with ground station: once
– This should have had a echo back in FM.
2) To require house keeping data in FM: 3 times
– This should have had HK data downlink in FM.
but we could not receive any data using our ground station system.
Please let us know if you receive any data (through our reception report form in the following link).
We are guessing that we have something wrong in our ground station software. We are working to find the cause.
We plan to do similar operation tomorrow.
As soon as we successfully receive FM data downlink, we will test downlink in 5.8GHz, hopefully in a week.
⇒FMダウンリンクデータ,さっそくお送りいただいています!! すごいです….

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