Operation Plan & Log 01/19/2019

Morning passes
Today we intended at hearing FM downlink followed by our FM uplink, but we heard only very weak CW signals in the morning (JST).

– We heard weak CW signals by using TLE for “2019-003E.” So we sent uplink command for synchronizing clock on satellite. But we did not hear FM echo back; in addition, command status in CW data did not change. So we believe that the satellite did not receive the command.

2 passes in the evening (8:30pm / 9pm)
– We changed the TLE to “2019-003B.” But we did not hear anything. (So we could not send any commands.)

We are analyzing the previous reception reports to guess what is happening.

OrigamiSat-1 should currently transmit only CW signals (without uplink, it should not transmit FM signals).