Operation Plan & Log 01/18/2019

We have received a reception report that clearly shows “JS1YAX ORIGAMI”.
We’d appreciate if you could send us more reception report!

Please note that there was an error in CW data format, and the documents and the analysis software have been updated in this page.

Around 10:00pm (JST), we have successfully sent
a command to stop the deployable antenna’s deployment function
from Tokyo Tech ground station (JQ1YCZ).
We used the TLE for “2019-003E” when we sent the uplink.
1 43936U 19003E 19018.15295380 -.00000068 00000-0 00000+0 0 9994
2 43936 97.3193 80.4570 0015290 248.0637 173.1553 15.21314785 13
Thank you very much for so many reception reports from various countries!!

Next plan:
Jan. 19-21: We will try HK (house keeping) data downlink in FM.

We will try our first 5.8GHz downlink as early as January 21-22.